In today's competitive business environment, more and more businesses and organizations are searching for the variable that truly makes a difference in both attracting and retaining consumers. Many have realized that "Loyalty" is that variable. Loyalty is that sense that the organization cares more or provides greater and more personalized value than the competitor. It is this force that guides decisions regarding purchases. This concept has been extremely successful in the for-profit sector ( retail businesses, restaurants, airlines) and is now experiencing success in the healthcare industry, insurance industry and even in blood banks. A loyalty program, well planned and executed can clearly move your organization in achieving its strategic initiatives. Catalyst has successfully brought the concept of Loyalty to hospitals around the United States.
Over the past decade, hospital loyalty ("affinity") has experienced a very significant shift in purpose. While once singularly a means of treating aging people well, today's affinity programs are strongly linked to the organizational strategic initiatives. When the hospital wishes to generate additional patient revenue, increase charitable giving, solicit assistance with a legislative or advocacy issue, introduce a move to a new community or simply more effectively communicate with its dominant market, affinity programs have proven to be the most effective vehicle. Catalyst understands the link between initiatives and affinity and works daily with hospitals to design strategies that achieve those outcomes.
Catalyst designs and implements its strategies and benefits to fit the unique needs and situations of each client organization. Affinity, when designed properly, is not a "one-size fits all strategy." Rather, each hospital's/organization's affinity program is shaped with that organization's strategic initiatives in mind. The program reflects an approach that is consistent with organizational objectives and that clearly lends itself to the measurement of success. Catalyst believes firmly that affinity programs are as accountable for resources as any other department in the hospital. Catalyst works with all related staff to create benchmarks, dashboards as well as clear and measurable goals and objectives.
"One of the challenges for our loyalty programs (Senior Class and Spirit of Women) at Baystate Health was that we were trying to do too much. In our consultations with Bruce Mondschain we began to understand that more is not always better. For years, Catalyst has been instrumental in helping us to stay focused on improving the effectiveness of our Loyalty Programs, building relationships with our members and supporting the strategic initiatives of our health system." Tracy Whitley, Loyalty Programs Manager, Baystate Health

Catalyst has been instrumental in the direction and development of our Senior Services hospital program from its infancy ten years ago. Over the years Catalyst has been the first call we make when looking at developing new programs, tracking outcomes, sustainability, marketing and value added. There industry knowledge and experience with hospital senior programs is unmatchable. Nancy Whyte Director Community Education, Senior Services, Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital

Catalyst was instrumental in helping Chilton Memorial Hospital create a senior affinity program. Their breath of knowledge regarding the pulse of the industry and product lines offered us the opportunity to implement a program that succeeded in the first year. Catalyst is very prompt in returning calls and has a great turnaround time for projects and reports. In addition, the array of services they provide that we can offer to the consumer only helps to brand the trust to our institution. I would highly recommend this company.
Joan Beloff, ALA, ACC, Director, Community Outreach/New Vitality, Chilton Memorial Hospital

Catalyst benefits? Wonderful. Bruce Mondschain? Expert. Being able to network across the country with others that do what you do? Priceless. Catalyst is a professional organization that is of great benefit and help to anyone starting or supporting a membership affinity program for older adults. Their know-how is unmatched. Thanks, Catalyst for helping us become a program of better quality and outstanding expertise. - Candy Hart, TriHealth
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