The Secure ProjectEssential, Hands-on, Educational, Skill Building Experience for... …and all other organizations that interact with and serve our nation's rapidly expanding senior population.

Experience is Still the Best Teacher

It is one thing to imagine the changes in sensory and physical capabilities that frequently occur with advancing age. However, it is quite another matter to feel these conditions firsthand - as well as the frustrations that often accompany them.

Only firsthand experience can instill a genuine understanding about how seniors interact with the organizations and people serving them. For example: Living in the Senior's World

By educating your current staff and new hires with The Secure Project- a thoroughly- researched, hands-on, sensitivity learning experience- you can demonstrate differences between common stereotypes and reality when interacting with the senior population.

Numerous benefits include an improved team wide capability to identify, prevent and/or rectify specific customer relations problems - thereby assuring you will attain your customer service goals.

Developed by Lee Memorial Health System, The Secure Project stimulates sight, touch, and sound in the world of a typical senior. It's highly memorable and time-efficient format produces a unique impact for groups from 1 to 25 persons.

Each Master Kit Comes With... Each Simulation Kit Includes Reusable Learning Tools... A Wise Investment

Mature consumers constitute one of the most likely of all market segments to make word-of-mouth endorsements about organizations that deliver superior customer service.

The Secure Project will pay for itself many times over by helping you build consumer satisfaction, good will and loyalty in the mature market.

Keep your staff on the forefront of good customer relations...use the convenient form below to order.


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