Catalyst's 11 Point Affinity Group Analysis

What is the health and longevity of your Affinity Program? Take five minutes and answer 11 critical questions about your program. Answers to these questions are core to its success and longevity.
Your Affinity Program is tied to one or more of the host organization's strategic initiatives (other than mission enhancement)?

Yes____  No____

Your Affinity Program has an active Champion? Yes____  No____
You have full access to your Budget and can determine all direct and indirect expenses? Yes____  No____
You use PACE or a similar planning tool for the development of programs? Yes____  No____
Your program has a database that is current, functional and provides you with data (including health and lifestyle) you need to make critical decision? Yes____  No____
You have research and evaluation systems in place to evaluate critical issues such as satisfaction, member perception, demographics, referral source and report these findings up the administrative ladder? Yes____  No____
You have in place within the organization, an interdisciplinary team that is invested in the success of the program? Yes____  No____
You have a clear understanding of your administration's style and preference for receiving data? Yes____  No____
You have developed dashboards for communicating with organizational leadership? Yes____  No____
You have analyzed your program and have determined which elements are "generic," unique and which are your signature elements? Yes____  No____
You can measure the ROI your program generated and have compared that number with ROI's for like programs? Yes____  No____

How did your program score? Total: Yes____ No____

A "NO" reply to any of these 11 questions could be a sign that your program is in trouble!