Catalyst Scripts Pharmacy Discount Program

Script CardIn view of today's soaring prescription prices, seniors in programs featuring Catalyst Scripts Pharmacy Discount Program from CATALYST, name it as their most valuable membership benefit. However, research also shows that a significant number of adults over age 65 do not belong to a serious pharmacy savings plan. This resulting opportunity makes Catalyst Scripts a "platform" benefit....a powerful start-up privilege to bolster credibility about your program's advantages. In fact, hospitals' offering Catalyst Scripts average a 10% gain in senior program membership.

Catalyst Scripts has pre-negotiated prices with a nationwide network of over 51,000 participating chain and independent pharmacies. Our experience shows that your members can pay from 10% to over 50% less on about two-thirds of all their prescription medication with this plan. Catalyst Scripts cards are issued at no cost to your program members. A toll-free number will be provided to assist your members.

Benefits of CATALYST SCRIPTS For Your Members:
Benefits of CATALYST SCRIPTS for Your Senior Membership Program: How To Save Money:

A national network of 58,000 participating chain and independent pharmacies. All major national chain pharmacies participate in this program.