Catalyst Benefits Strategic Consulting

Catalyst Benefits offers two consulting formats for hospitals either currently providing services through a senior membership program or anticipating the creation of such a program.

Our purpose is to assist the hospital in achieving the mission it has established for its senior membership program. We focus on delivering a comprehensive set of services for the mature market, each of which provides independent value to the user.

Our thrust is to always tie the affinity program back to the hospital's strategic initiatives, build an interdisciplinary "advisory committee" who will share in the success of the program, tie in measurable objectives and create "dashboards" for reporting the progress and success of the venture. Our philosophy is that these affinity programs must be as "data-driven" as any other department in the organization.

New Senior Membership Programs
For hospitals entering the arena of the senior membership program, Catalyst Benefits, Inc. will provide the expertise and guidance necessary to:
  1. Articulate the goals and measurable (qualitative and quantitative) objectives of the new program.
  2. Audit the existing hospital programs for this market sector.
  3. Analyze logistical needs (Space, equipment, and personnel)
  4. Create a "Launch Strategy" including the development of community, consumer, physician and pastoral advisory input.
  5. Articulate the necessary program components and time sequencing.
  6. Develop Budget and staffing requirements.
  7. Establish a segmented marketing plan.
  8. Prepare the hospital for the new service.
Existing Senior Membership Programs

Even the strongest senior membership programs need periodic reviews and modifications. Catalyst Benefits can assist by auditing key program elements or can conduct a full qualitative and quantitative program audit. Reviews can focus on any combination of the following program variables:
    Tie to the organization's strategic initiatives
  1. Benefit mix
  2. Image
  3. Marketing / sales approach
  4. Organizational support
  5. Competition analysis
  6. Staffing configuration
  7. Communications
  8. Resource allocation
  9. Community relations
  10. Understanding of market place needs / desires
  11. Measurement tools
  12. "Dashboard" for reporting
In all cases, the approach taken by Catalyst Benefits is tailored to produce the desired end results. Each study design and resulting consultation agreement works from a clear understanding of the program elements that need review.

Where appropriate and desirable, Catalyst Benefits, Inc., helps create "linkages" with similar senior membership programs and situations. The values of confidentiality, commitment to excellence, integrity and honesty are, and will always be, the hallmark of how we engage our strategic alliances.