The CATALYST INSTITUTE for Innovation and Excellence

Catalyst Institute The goal of THE CATALYST INSTITUTE FOR INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE is to identify and reward benchmark initiatives in program components that exemplify the highest level of professionalism and creative program development. The award is not given for an entire membership program, but to one or more component of that program that fits the criteria below. Hospitals across the United States have the opportunity to submit program components annually for review and judging by related professionals and a panel of peers. Each entry is scored on the following four criteria:
  1. Planning
  2. Action
  3. Communication
  4. Evaluation
These criteria relate to the process of identifying, recognizing and advancing initiatives that serve your hospital's general aging adult population in inventive ways and/or a targeted aging adult population in resourceful ways. THE CATALYST INSTITUTE panel uses the four criteria to select the highest-ranking components from an array of program areas. Awards may be given in the following areas: The Distinguished Achievement Award will identify you, your hospital and your program.