Catalyst Best Benefits Dental Wellness Plan

(Not available in all states)
Dental CardYour members who subscribe to this benefit can receive reduced-cost dental services through a nationwide network of over 29,000 participating licensed professionals. This plan is coordinated by UniCare, a leading company in the dental benefits industry, which carefully examines all providers' credentials before admission into the network and conducts periodic reviews thereafter.

At participating providers, your members are entitled to all dental procedures at substantial savings, making regular dental care more affordable. Your members simply check their schedule of benefits ahead of time to know exactly how much they will have to co-pay for any procedure. With this dental plan, your members are not limited to a specific number of visits per year, and can register to see any one of the network's numerous convenient offices (should a member move, it is easy to change offices). There are no claim forms to file. A toll-free number is provided to assist your members.


How do I access my savings?
Simply join the discount program and make an appointment with anyone of the dentists that are in the network.

Do I need to qualify for these savings?
No. Catalyst Best Benefits Dental Service is a savings program not an insurance plan. Therefore you have no paperwork, no deductibles, no pre-existing conditions, limitations, no maximums and absolutely no hassles! You save immediately by simply presenting your membership card at the time you receive the dental services.

How do I find a provider?
A list of participating providers in your area can be accessed by simply calling member services on their toll-free number.

What if I'm traveling or away for the winter?
No problem, simply call member services on their toll-free number. Tell the representative the city name or zip code, you are interested in and a list of providers will be generated for you.