Catalyst Best Benefits Vision Service

Vision Program Now Your Program Can Help Your Members Cut the High Cost of Eyewear
Nearly 92% of adults age 50 and over require corrective eyewear. Yet the ever-increasing costs of prescription lenses and frames cause many aging adults to forego getting the corrective eyewear they really need, when they need it. The Catalyst Best Benefits Vision Service™ offers your hospital a revenue marketing support tools to boost your program…with absolutely no paperwork for you to handle. The progressively greater reliance on corrective eyewear, and the accelerated pace of replacing eye-wear because of advancing age or eyewear breakage and loss, becomes extremely expensive. Typical health insurance plans either do not cover eyewear for any reason, or involve limitations and procedures that discourage your members from purchasing.

It's One of Every Hospital Program's Most Valuable Member Benefits
If your members have been putting off purchasing eyewear that can help them enjoy richer, fuller, more functional and safer lives…or eye-wear that can give them more of the "today" look they seek…then they'll welcome the excellent value of the Catalyst Best Benefits Vision Service™ By offering your members this important and popular program benefit, they will save 10% to 60% (averages range from 30% to 45%) on prescription eyewear that any-one in their households require or desire. Their choice of high quality, top-of-the-line eyewear is available through a nationwide network of over 12,000 quality vision care centers spanning all 50 states.

Your Members Can Visit America's Favorite Eyewear Retailers
Participating providers include both leading chain and independent retailers, and feature such well-known names as: LensCrafters • JCPenney Optical • National Vision Centers (inside some Wal-Mart locations) • Pearle Vision (Express) • Sterling Optical and many, many more. Over 85% of the population lives within 15 miles of a participating provider, and additional locations are joining on a regular basis to continually expand the network. For your members' convenience, the Plan also offers a mail order purchase option for contact lenses, solutions and non-prescription sunglasses.


Vision Card How do I access my savings?
Simply present your membership card (right) to any one of the more than 8,000 participating vision providers to receive your discount.

Do I need to qualify for these savings?
No. Catalyst Best Benefits Vision Service is a savings program, not an insurance plan. Therefore, you have no paperwork, no deductibles, no pre-existing condition limitations, no maximums and absolutely no hassles! You save immediately by simply presenting your membership card and paying the discounted fee at the time of service.

What services will I save on with my Catalyst Best Benefits Vision Service?
Your Catalyst Best Benefits Vision Service provides savings on service at each vision center in the network. Average savings on lenses, frames and special coatings are 10% to 60%. Discounts on eye exams are available in many areas, at selected locations where approved.

How do I find a provider?
A list of participating providers in your area is enclosed in this package. If you would like additional providers, or would like to inquire about a specific vision center call member services they're toll-free number.

What if I'm traveling, or away for the winter?
No problem, just call member services at they're toll-free number. Tell the representative the city name or zip code, and a list of providers will be generated instantly for you.